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Advocare Why I Love These Products?

Published September 20, 2011 by gettingherfit

People often wonder why I use and sell Advocare Nutritional Products and whether it’s safe.  There are so many products on the market and over time I have come to realize and see how harmful some of them can actually be.  Yes they are sold in stores all over and yes they do work for some people and yes sometimes they are safe.  But my questions have always been which ones? and are they really telling us the truth? Just because it says something on the bottle should I believe that? is it really enough of an ingredient to actually make a difference?

I have learned, actually we all have learned through the news and media that some products are actually dangerous for us, we see lawsuits, recalls all the time.   A company sells a weight loss pill and people end up sick and in worse shape maybe even die from them.  No products including Advocare are regulated by the FDA but there are standards that they should live up to and some don’t even do that.  A company can put an ingredient on the label as long as it has a minimal amount in it, but is that enough to actually work and do what it’s supposed to?  How many bottles do you have in your cabinets at home that you started using and just never got the results you wanted to so stopped using it.  Maybe it made you jittering or sick.

You can’t always believe everything just because a store sells it.  Usually you end up paying twice as much or even more then what you would for a product like Advocare that really does work,  Advocare does actually make you feel better, Advocare does have pharmaceutical and USP grade ingredients and does  follow the highest standards by the FDA.  They even have a member on their scientific advisory board that used to work with the FDA and helps Advocare to maintain the highest quality standards so that if the FDA decided to pull all products off the shelf that didn’t meet their standards, I believe  Advocare would still stand and be offered by it’s independent distributors because they really do care about their customers.

Advocare has been offered by companies like GNC to buy their products and sell them in their stores but Advocare doesn’t want that kind of business they don’t want to be the products of the month.  They want someone selling their products that really does care and can help people reach their goals and be a difference maker, not just make some extra money.  We as independent distributors for Advocare really do care about our customers and that’s why we spend time helping you decide what will work best for you and if something isn’t right then Advocare offers a 100% money back guarantee no questions asked.  Can you take your products that you still have in your cabinet back to GNC and get your money back or exchange it, probably not.  They are out to make money, we are out to make a difference, the money is just a bonus that comes when you know that you have something to offer people that really does work and that they can be proud to say they are using.

So if you just want the bargain of the month or the cheaper brand, is it really a bargain?  Is it really cheaper, probably in quality yes, can you say for a fact that if you are in the military, olympics, professional athletes, or even college sports that you won’t be negatively tested for something that could potentially harm your career?  With Advocare those are the people that take our products without worry and without being compensated, we don’t pay anyone to endorse our products!  They take them because they really do work  and make a difference in their performance, so why wouldn’t you want that for yourself?

Think of it this way, if you don’t want to pay a little more now for good products, like Advocare,  then you may have to pay a lot more later in junk products or even in poor health, time and doctors bills.  Think about it and decide what you’d rather do?

So when people ask me why I take and sell Advocare the answer is easy, I know the products are safe, effective and I’ll see the results that I want quicker and I know I can give these products to my family whom I love and cherish the most without worry.

Advocare continually improves and tests their products to make sure they stay up with what’s safe and effective.  So that’s why I’ve used them for over nine years and have no intention on stopping.  So if quality and safety is important to you and you want to know more about Advocare products and or even the business and how you can save up to 40% on your products then contact me and I’d be happy to tell you more.

Be Fit, Be Strong & Be Healthy!!

Victoria McCullough

Take the Challenge

So Exciting!

Published September 17, 2011 by gettingherfit

Well it’s been over a week and most of you have started the 21 Day Belly Blast, hope you are doing awesome some of you I haven’t heard any feedback on but I have heard some great feedback from many as well.  So please keep me posted if you can post on either FB or on my blog, it’s so encouraging to those that are doing it.

Everyone is different so you might experience things that others may not be, i.e. headaches at the beginning, weak or lightheaded, but these things are usually only in the first three days, after that you will be eating regularly and probably not wanting to eat everything.  You may not be able to eat all the food because you are not as hungry or you may still be hungry after.  This all depends on your diet prior to starting and also on your size.  If you are larger then you will need more in your body.  Remember to always listen to your body it’s so important, it knows what it needs you just sometimes have to train it into knowing when to stop.

A very encouraging email I just received this morning is from a dear friend across the country, she is doing it on her own and is doing awesome.  She is at the end of her first week and here is what she sent me:

“So I’m at the end of week 1 and I’ve lost 5 lbs!  I did cheat yesterday.  We went to 5 guys for lunch and I had a small hamburger and fries.  But I’ve started having this problem the last few days – I can’t finish my food!  I couldn’t eat the entire burger or fries!  I’m not eating the entire portion for the diet either.  Is that normal?  Should I be trying to eat it all?  Also, I have no cravings.  Usually I’m craving something all the time and now I’m not.  It’s a nice change.  Like I don’t have to constantly fight with myself over food.”


So as you can see there are many changes going on in your body, my response to her was YES you are normal your body is going to adjust to less food and get rid of the cravings.  As American we have a tendency to eat way to many carbs and probably not the right ones.  We are used to super sizing everything but are bodies shouldn’t be in that mode, they just can’t handle it and then we end up overweight and always craving foods we shouldn’t be eating.  Believe me I was not always conscience about what I ate, I figured I’d just burn it off and so I ate whatever I wanted and no I was never overweight but I did start getting to the point of just not feeling good and a little heavier but couldn’t get through that plateau.  Now if I do crave something I know just a little bit will satisfy me so I don’t go overboard otherwise my body will react and not in a pretty way:(

So be encouraged that these are some of the great changes you can look forward to, if you push through, it will be better in the end and you’ll be much happier.  If you compromise too much then it defeats the purpose and you’ll be right back to where you started so be strong and focus on what your goal really is a healthier, happier, more fit YOU!!

Finish Strong because you deserve it!!

Committed To Your Success!!


21 Day Belly Blast is Going Strong!

Published September 15, 2011 by gettingherfit

I am so excited I have over 20 people currently signed up for this program, it’s awesome.  I’m so thrilled that the response has been so great that I’m extending the offer through the end of the month so please tell you family and friends near and far.  If you do have anyone out of town that would like to do it I’d be more then happy to coach them long distance via email and phone consults.  Just have them go to my website and sign up.  Of course the main bonus for all of you here currently is you get free workouts with me.  After this month the price will increase to $100 which will still include the workouts up to three times a week depending on the location you choose.  The program itself will increase to $40 alone.  So take advantage while you can.

Right now we are seeing some amazing results, I’ve had people begin as early as last Monday and have already lost about eight pounds,  that’s amazing everyone is seeing some results and you will if you just follow the program.  I know that some days are more difficult then others just push through it and as I’ve mentioned before if you are still hungry after you eat or between meals it’s ok to eat a little more, listen to your body.  If during the first three days you get lightheaded add some protein to your shakes or a little to your salads but not much or not often, just to take the edge off.  The better you stick to the program the greater results you’ll have and after the 21 Days we’ll go over what you can do from there, because this is NOT a diet it’s a way of eating that you should be donig all the time but with modification so you will continue to lose weight if you still need to and then to maintain your weight once you get to your ideal weight.

So please keep me posted on your progress I would love to be able to use your story as a testimony if that’s okay with you. Pictures will only be posted with your permission so don’t worry:).  Keep it up and just take it day by day you’ll do great.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Committed To Your Success,