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21 Day Belly Blast is Going Strong!

Published September 15, 2011 by gettingherfit

I am so excited I have over 20 people currently signed up for this program, it’s awesome.  I’m so thrilled that the response has been so great that I’m extending the offer through the end of the month so please tell you family and friends near and far.  If you do have anyone out of town that would like to do it I’d be more then happy to coach them long distance via email and phone consults.  Just have them go to my website and sign up.  Of course the main bonus for all of you here currently is you get free workouts with me.  After this month the price will increase to $100 which will still include the workouts up to three times a week depending on the location you choose.  The program itself will increase to $40 alone.  So take advantage while you can.

Right now we are seeing some amazing results, I’ve had people begin as early as last Monday and have already lost about eight pounds,  that’s amazing everyone is seeing some results and you will if you just follow the program.  I know that some days are more difficult then others just push through it and as I’ve mentioned before if you are still hungry after you eat or between meals it’s ok to eat a little more, listen to your body.  If during the first three days you get lightheaded add some protein to your shakes or a little to your salads but not much or not often, just to take the edge off.  The better you stick to the program the greater results you’ll have and after the 21 Days we’ll go over what you can do from there, because this is NOT a diet it’s a way of eating that you should be donig all the time but with modification so you will continue to lose weight if you still need to and then to maintain your weight once you get to your ideal weight.

So please keep me posted on your progress I would love to be able to use your story as a testimony if that’s okay with you. Pictures will only be posted with your permission so don’t worry:).  Keep it up and just take it day by day you’ll do great.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Committed To Your Success,