Ready to be HOT, HOT, HOT??

Published November 11, 2011 by gettingherfit

Well I hope you are because it’s time to heat it up in boot camp.  Starting on Monday we are going to be changing our format for class, it’s that time of the year, remember the Twelve Days of Christmas routine we did last year?  For some of you it’s going to be new and you are going to love it.  It will challenge your mind and your body, I’ll be handing out prizes at the end of the month for the most improved so be sure to make it to class on Mondays because that’s when we’ll be doing it, the rest of the week we will be hitting some surge training and you’ll learn all about that next week.

And with the holiday season coming up it’s a great time to get your body ready for the added calories in all those yummy treats so don’t be a weight gainer this year, enjoy your food and know that with the right combination of exercise and eating good at least 80% of the time you can make it through the season without failing and/or having a set back from all the hard work you have put into it this year.

This is also a great time for those of you that have not yet started on your fitness goals but have been thinking about them.  Starting in January things are going to be changing so now is a great time to get on board with Her Strength.  If you want to beat the rush and are really serious about living a healthier life and getting fit there is no need to wait.  If you are serious and ready to commit take action immediately, stop making excuses and stop saying you just can’t do it because you are too busy or too tired or even too old, you are just setting those limitations on yourself.  STOP doing that, start believing that you are better then that and start living your life to it’s fullest.

If you need a plan and a program find one that works for you, but find one, most people work better in groups, few people actually succeed alone, they don’t push themselves hard enough and give up when they start getting tired.  You need someone who is going to push you a little harder and a little longer because that’s when you are going to see results and that’s definitely what I’ll do.

So for those that are ready and not part of my program, come on out and see if  we are a good fit for each other.  I can give you the tools but you need to be willing to do the work.

So are your ready to commit? I’m waiting to hear from you, ask a friend to join you it’s so much more fun.  If you prefer personal training or maybe just you and a friend I can do that also even at your home.  Contact me and see what we can workout.

Be fit and be strong and you will live long!!




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