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Preparing for the New You in the New Year

Published December 21, 2011 by gettingherfit

It’s that time again but before you begin this life-changing journey, and to help you stay committed you must accept and live by the basic understanding that this course is built around the premise of “progress, not perfection.” By developing awareness that improvement is measured by your daily progress, you can save yourself a lot of grief and frustration from the get go. Simply focusing on small, positive steps in everything you do is a vital component to a permanent physical change. With time, commitment and a willingness to continue to take those small steps, failure is not an option.

The following steps will ensure that you receive the maximum benefit from your experiences. They will play an essential role in helping you achieve your goals of ultimate leanness and energy. Improvement will become apparent in a matter of weeks.

Make a decision to…

1. Decide on what you want to achieve – Have a clear vision of the end result. Close your eyes and visualize your ideal body. Picture exactly how you look, size and shape you are and how you feel.

2. Know and feel your REASON for wanting to achieve these particular results – Continue to ask yourself “why” until you elicit an emotional response.

3. Believe you are capable and deserving of reaching this goal – If others can do it, why can’t you?

4. Make this a priority in your life every day – “We do not plan to fail, we simply fail to
plan” – Schedule workouts, schedule your meals, keep your kitchen stocked…

5. Start taking actions that bring results – each day strive to do something a little better than the day before. “I am making progress if I am better today than I was yesterday” ~Dr. Wayne Dyer.

6. Be grateful – understand that the quickest way to achieve your goals is to be happy NOW. When you look to the future for your happiness, you it’s easy to be disappointed. Focus on the present. Life shouldn’t be something to be endured until the future arrives. Your present should be thrilling, exhilarating and inspiring.

7. Be forgiving – Don’t beat myself up when you haven’t done everything perfectly. If you slip, quickly return to your plan. don’t feel guilty, remain enthusiastic about the process and with yourself.

You can succeed if you know why you are doing what you are doing and it comes from within, now go out and be successful in anything and everything you want to achieve including losing weight and toning up.

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See you soon!!!

To Your Success,

Victoria McCullough,
AFAA Certified Personal Trainer

Starting a new 21 Day Holiday Belly Blaster

Published December 11, 2011 by gettingherfit

Monday is the start of a new challenge, if you are not currently doing it or have slacked off this is a great time to get back into the game.  Remember the 21 Day challenge is not meant as a one time program.  It’s actually meant to help you learn better eating habits so you can continue to eat this way and continue to lose weight.  If you have reached your goal or hit a plateau then it’s time to mix it up a bit and increase your serving slightly as needed, maybe add some new recipes or foods to the mix.  Get creative, share your ideas here or if you have questions please feel free to post them so we can share information with everyone else who has the program.

If you don’t have the program and have been thinking about what you want to do for the new year or something you can start right away then just go to my website at and register. This program will change your life, I guarantee you will see results even with a few changes to your current diet you will be amazed how your body can be transformed into the body you’ve always dreamed about.

This is a done for you program all you have to do is follow the plan, you’ll have the menu, recipes, grocery store list, tips, exercises and motivation, what else can you ask for, I can’t do it for you that’s the only thing about the program YOU are the one who has to do it!!  If you want something bad enough you will find a will because I have the way.  Anyone can do this for just 21 Days.  So are you ready?

Have an awesome week!! I hope to see you or hear from you soon.