First Day of the 21 Day Belly Blaster!!

Published January 2, 2012 by gettingherfit

This was our first official day of the program, my husband is doing it with me along with several other people both here in Colorado Springs and of course in Florida with Maria.  It’s always nice doing it as a group it really helps keep you motivated and accountable.

Although today is just the beginning there are more days to come that sometimes get a little harder, but I’ve not had much trouble in the past.  It’s great to know that there are cheat days ahead, it’s important to have those.  Not having the opportunity to enjoy something you like is why many people fail any kind of eating program or “diet” they may be doing, it is too restrictive.  This program gives you doable meal plans, I love everything on them, the snacks are great, I love hummus, cottage cheese and nuts.   Some days you feel like you are eating all the time, other days not so much, that’s the key to this, it’s a calorie, carb manipulation, just like you should be doing when you exercise with your muscles, called muscle confusion.  When you do it this way it really helps your body torch fat faster.

The first three days can be the toughest, especially if you have poor eating habits prior to doing this, you might get headaches, feel fatigued and such, but that is your body ridding itself of toxins and that’s a good thing.  If you just push through these days you will feel great.  I usually notice that I get a lot more energy during this time, why?  I think it’s because of all the fruits and veggies you eat during this time.  Everyone is different so remember don’t judge how one person does and use that as a basis of how you are doing or whether you should do it or not, because either way I believe everyone should do it.

So for breakfast I made a nice yummy smoothie with tripple berries from Sam’s club, about 4 baby carrots, a handful of spinach, tsp of Chia seed and a little stevia, oh ya I also threw in about 1/2 scoop of Advocare Spark just to sweeten it and give me a little more energy for the morning, added water and blended in my Magic Bullet, I like mine thick my husband likes his watery.

For lunch I made a huge salad with a spring mix, onions, broccoli, tomatoes, oh and even mango, then added a little lemon and salt and pepper that was it.  I’ve only had to graze on a few carrots in between but that’s about it.  I’m about ready to go up and make dinner, I am thinking outside the box and you can too, I’m going to make a stir fry with lots of veggies, very little low salt soy, I feel like something warm, I think this will work, it’s still like a salad right?  Just a warm salad, get creative, don’t worry about sticking to it perfectly, if you need to switch things up just a bit fine but try to stick with the main stuff like only eat from the snack line if you don’t like the snack for that day and so on.

So that’s it for today, I hope those that are doing the 21 Day Challenge are doing great so far, keep yourself busy and out of the kitchen you’ll be fine, if you’ve ever fasted then this should be easy for you.  If you are interested then go to my website and sign up and let’s get you started right away.  Go to to sign up.

See you tomorrow!!

Victoria McCullough



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