Don’t give up..

Published January 3, 2012 by gettingherfit

It’s day number two and I’m still feeling great, of course as always a little hungry through the day but nothing to extreme.  It was an exciting day I went over to First Command Financial to get their final measurements and the ladies there that did the 21 Day Belly Blast and I can tell you they did AWESOME!!  They began it at the beginning of December and many people might think “why on earth do it then you’re doomed to fail”.  But to the contrary this is a great time to do it.  Why? I have done this kind of thing on several occasions over the holidays and I find that many of the people that do it, do really well. Maybe not as good as they would have other times but everyone lost weight and inches, so that alone is a success.  Sometimes I’ve had people just maintain and that’s still good considering all the parties and foods you have available during this time.

What happens in, when you have something like the 21 Day Belly Blast you think more about the choices you make.  When you have made the decision that you want to lose weight and eat better, you’ll see that you won’t eat that extra cookie, piece of cake or put to much on your plate even when temptation arises.  You are already starting to look at food differently even when you don’t think so.  Most of the ladies didn’t even completely do it all the way, some didn’t start at all but they realized they were thinking about the foods they were eating and making better choices.  They felt great about the program and the ones that didn’t complete the program began with us yesterday.  So I know this round they will do great.

So don’t give up on yourself even if you make a mistake and eat something not on the plan, forgiveness is a huge part of your success.  Remember it’s long term that you are working on not just a quick fix.  If you are doing the belly blast program keep moving forward take it all one day at a time you’ll do great, I just know it.  Believe in yourself and keep me posted on your progress.

Have an awesome evening.

Victoria McCullough

Thanks again First Command Financial you guys are AWESOME!!



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