Ready for a New Workout!

Published January 15, 2012 by gettingherfit

It’s time to pump it up and burn some calories and fat.  Take this workout to the max, you will do it 2 minutes and then take a 1 minute break and then move on to the next set.

Each 2 minute round has 2 exercises.  You should alternate between the 2 exercises as many times as you can for the  2 minutes.

Here are your 6 circuits:

1) Jump Rope (with or w/o a rope) x 40, Mountain climbers x 10 each side
2) Shoulder press w/resistance band with Sumo Squat x 15, Push Ups x 10
3) Resistance Band Row x 20,  Jump squats x 10
4) Dips x 20, Regular Squats x 20
5) Squat Thrusts x 8, Mountain Scissors x 15 total
6) T-stabilization x 10 total, Suicide Planks x 10

Because you are working out in an intense matter, this quick fat burning workout is great to burn belly fat as well.
Check tomorrow for the video but if you can do this now have fun and let me know how you do, challenge yourself write how many times you can do each one during each 2 minute round and keep working at beating your score.

Want to try it out come to class this week because we are going to work on it.  See you soon.
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