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Day 3 Of the 21 Day Belly Blast and more…

Published April 11, 2012 by gettingherfit

Today I am on day 3, how about everyone else, anyone else out there doing this with me?  Keep me posted on your successes and let me help you get through those thought to be failures, it probably isn’t as bad as you think. You can post on Facebook or on my blog, or just send me a text or email, I’d love to hear from you.  And PLEASE, PLEASE, don’t stop because you feel you have blown it, just eat right from this moment forward, it will work.

So a little more about how this go round of the 21 Day is going.  I am feeling great of course I totally need my Spark as always each and every day at least twice, with my busy day I need it, getting up at 4 and going to bed at 9 I still don’t get enough sleep with my busy days.  But I do say I am feeling much better and can’t wait to eat some food tomorrow, I have lots of eggs from Easter that we need to get going on, my little Ella seems to be the one taking advantage of those, good girl!  I found these great avocado packets at Sam’s but have yet to see them since the last time I bought them glad I didn’t use them all up.  They are about 2 ounces so perfect for my salads, once in a while I just squeeze a packet into my mouth, I know sounds gross, but oh so good and keeps that hunger at bay especially if I’m out and running around.

So along with this are you ready for the summer that is slowly creeping up on us, with this great weather we are having I know there are still going to be some yucky ones thrown in, probably a snow storm or two.  But it’s time to start focusing more on our bodies and not feeling the need to hide them behind long sleeve shirts and pants.

So for this we are getting ready to start our 6-Week Bikini Body Challenge and it’s going to be great but you won’t see results if you don’t join us, and you won’t get a chance to win the prizes either.  We’ll be doing weekend warrior challenges also where I will expect you to do something fun and exciting outdoors, film or video tape it and send it in or post it, if not with us on your own, we will be heading up to the Incline at least once if not more, we’ll do a run at Garden of the Gods and maybe take on the Santa Fe Trail, maybe a 5k or two so who’s in?

We will be using the 21 Day Belly Blast program with this program which will help you get started out on the fast track to success.  I have some great prizes including a massage, Mary Kay, Scentsy, Stampin Up and more to come so don’t miss out on this fun challenge.

Go to my website for details and sign up TODAY!! the cost is only $149 for new client and $49 for my monthly members.

Get Fit and Don’t Quit!!

Victoria Mccullough