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Wet and Wild Wednesday!!

Published September 12, 2012 by gettingherfit

Here is the workout we did today, I’m dedicating it to the fact that it’s raining and we had to cancel class, plus this mornings 5a.m. class was looking pretty hot and sweaty when they completed it:)
The exercises are as follows: Do group #1 then #2 then go back to #1 then #2 then move to #3 and you are all done.


25 Burpees with push up
25 Reverse lunges (each leg)


25 Hip thrusts
25 Dive bombers
25 Russian twists


25 Mountain climbers right leg only
25 Mountain climbers left leg only
25 Crab toe touches
25 Arm/leg extensions (each leg)

Have fun let me know know you do!!!


Don’t Miss This!!!

Published September 10, 2012 by gettingherfit

Ladies if you have been looking to shed those extra pounds that may have crept up on you over the summer or maybe you are just looking to make some extra cash for Christmas or anytime.  If that’s you, you need to be at the Advocare Ladies Alive event coming this October 6th in Denver it’s going to be amazing.  You will learn more about what Advocare can do for you to help you lose weight, maintain your weight and just be healthier.  If you want your family to perform at their best Advocare is for you.

Advocare has been around for almost 20 years and is on the move to be the best nutritional company with the best products on the market, I have never found another company that even comes close to what they have to offer, in product and in business.  But don’t take my work for it, come out and find out for yourself.  You can purchase your tickets at they are only $45, plus you get goodie bags worth so much more and the information you will hear is invaluable when it comes to changing your life and making your dreams come true.
If you would like to attend go to the website and sign up and let me know you are going so I can meet you there or we can go together, the more the merrier, tell everyone you know that is looking for an opportunity like this.  I know I’m ready to make some extra money to help my family are you ready to do it with me.  For more information on Advocare go to or contact me Victoria McCullough 702-419-4778.  I am ready to help you get fit and make your dreams become reality.

Let’s Get Moving!!!

Victoria McCullough