Wet and Wild Wednesday!!

Published September 12, 2012 by gettingherfit

Here is the workout we did today, I’m dedicating it to the fact that it’s raining and we had to cancel class, plus this mornings 5a.m. class was looking pretty hot and sweaty when they completed it:)
The exercises are as follows: Do group #1 then #2 then go back to #1 then #2 then move to #3 and you are all done.


25 Burpees with push up
25 Reverse lunges (each leg)


25 Hip thrusts
25 Dive bombers
25 Russian twists


25 Mountain climbers right leg only
25 Mountain climbers left leg only
25 Crab toe touches
25 Arm/leg extensions (each leg)

Have fun let me know know you do!!!



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