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The Challenge is On!!

Published February 4, 2014 by gettingherfit

February is the month of LOVE right? But what we always seem to focus on is everyone we love, our husbands, our kids and our family and close friends. What about ourselves, remember it’s important to love who you are and who God created you to be. A great way to do that is to take care of ourselves inside and out. How we treat ourselves will ultimately show others how much we love them as well. It’s being a good example for our kids so they will do the same. We want to be around to watch our kids grow up and see our grandchildren and beyond. No one likes being sick all the time and not having energy to play with your kids or I have even seen some really sad stories of people who were turned away from rides at amusement parks because they were too big, it makes me want to cry.

So no matter where you are in life right now, know that things can and will change if you are willing to make those changes. Dig deep down inside of you and focus on WHY you need to change, it’s not all about just wanting to fit into a swimsuit or look like a fitness model no, it’s about feeling good and being healthy.

So to begin this “LOVE YOUR BODY CHALLENGE” I want you to first start with sitting down and reflecting on where you are right now. Think about where you’d like to be health wise in the next month, and then six months and then by next January. Write all of this down in a journal or somewhere you can keep to review often and I mean daily. I want you to write down how you are feeling today. Be honest with yourself, this is for you to reflect on.

Then I want you to write your goals on a separate sheet so you can post up somewhere for you and others in your household to see. You want to be held accountable. If you are in my boot camp please bring them to class and let’s talk about them, let’s help each other achieve those goals. It’s up to you if you want to share how you feel about yourself today and each day.

If you are not on MyFitnessPal please create a profile and friend me journaling your food and exercise habits WILL help you meet your goals. You need to be honest with what you are eating and how much. Once you see what you are putting into your body, it makes it easier to make changes to your daily diet and I can also help with it as well. If it’s okay allow me to be able to read your food log.

What you put into your body is 80% of how you look. If you are not fueling your body properly how do you expect it to function. Think of it like a car, if you put junk fuel in and don’t change the oil often enough it won’t work as well as if you put in clean fuel and chang the oil. Food is what builds lean muscle and if you are exercising and not feeding your muscle then your body will start taking it’s fuel from the muscle and that will slow your metabolism down and decrease your lean muscle mass. For those in Her Strength Fitness Boot Camps you will receive 50 Healthy Recipes plus you can find so many more great tasting and simple recipes and snack ideas on website. Plus I do have some recipes here on my blog and will be posting more.

Be sure to subscribe to my blog so you will get my updates on this challenge. We will be doing healthy habits weekly along with some fitness challenges as well. So stick with me and let’s make this year better then last and not regret where we could have been if we started today next year:)

So get started on this and let’s see how you do, post comments and questions. I would love to hear how you are doing. You can keep up with us also on my Facebook page here…

Good luck and Love Who You Are To Show Love To Others!!

God Bless!!