Cardio Radio Tips

Published February 24, 2015 by gettingherfit

As many of you know I have been blessed with being able to be on the radio Magic FM 98.9 for the Cardio Radio Segment which is on between 12-1 Mon-Fri.  During this time I am the sponsor for the show which I am not quiet sure how long I will be doing this.  Throughout the show which is awesome cardio music to help you stay motivated and pumped for your lunchtime workout I give out health and nutrition tips.  I have been told by some that they are either unable to listen in at this time or that they hear the tips but maybe it’s a bit too fast to really catch them.  So I have decided that I will be posting the tips here on my blog for you to still benefit from them.  I will continue to post tips on here even when I am done sponsoring the show so don’t worry, I will go on:)

Enjoy please comment on the tips and if you have anything to share or add I would appreciate it.  If you have a question please post it I would be happy to get an answer for you so it can be shared by many because if you have a question usually many others have the same one as well.

1.  AMRAP Workout: Do the following workout for 12 minutes,  do as many rounds as you can, 6 Squat Jumps, 6 Decline push ups, 6 Spider climbs, 6 Jump lunges.

2.  Add Veggies to at least 2 of your meals each day to increase antioxidants and help you stay healthy and full throughout your day because they are nutrient dense meaning they have fewer calories so you can eat as much as you want.  Add veggies to your smoothies and enjoy the benefits as well.

3.  Write down one unhealthy thing you do or eat and cross it out then replace it with something you want to substitute in its place and start working on that one.

4.  To help keep your metabolism running high and from overeating at a meal, spread smaller meals throughout your day, eat every 3-4 hours just make them smaller about 300-500 calories per meal.

5.  Begin each day with a protein packed breakfast to kickstart your metabolism.  Eat eggs, with whole grain toast, oatmeal with fruit and/or make a smoothie with protein or try an Advocare Meal Replacement Shake they are yummy and only 230 calories packed with 24 grams of protein and 24 grams of carbs, 5 grams of fiber  and 50% of your daily calcium.

6.  10 Minute Trainer workout: 10 Push ups -10 Burpees – 10 Mountain climbers per leg.

7.  Tighten and tone your abs:  25 Bicycle crunches, 25 Toe touches, turn over and do a plank for as long as you can and then repeat up to 2 more times!

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