Drink Up!

Published July 13, 2015 by gettingherfit

Here there!

Hope you are all having a fabulous summer, as for me I am but as you know here in Colorado we have been having a lot of water!  So with the theme of getting a lot of rainfall I would like to challenge all of you to a water drinking contest.  Yes now that it’s summer it’s important to stay well hydrated and in order to do that you should of course be consuming at least half your body weight in ounces of water or another rehydration drink and I don’t mean Gatorade or Powerade those are more just sugar waters so DO NOT rely on them to help you stay well hydrated.  You are better off drinking straight up water.  If you do want to drink something with flavor go ahead and infuse it with watermelon, cucumber or lemon or some other natural and healthy fruit.

One of the things I am having my boot camp ladies do is fill a gallon of water up and if you drink from a water bottle just refill from the gallon this way you can have an actual account of how much you really drink instead of just refilling the water bottle sometimes when it’s not even completely empty.

So during the summer months we actually lose a lot more water with the heat and also if we are outside doing yard work or something fun even swimming.  We also lose water when we exercise so during this time we should be increasing our water intake and that is why I recommend using the gallon of water and working your way up to drinking the whole thing on most days of the week.

So please take the challenge if you go to my Her Strength Fitness Facebook page you will see an example of our goal and motivator gallon jug make it inspiring or just fun.  Have a great week and let me know how it goes.




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