Cranberry Water

So here is my famous cranberry water that I so often recommend to my clients.  Cranberry is not only good to detoxify your liver and kidneys but by drinking this mixture you will also increase your metabolism.  So use this as an addition to your daily water intake.  It also takes the boredom off of drinking just water all day, and tastes really good. Because you are using PURE cranberry juice nothing else should be in the ingredients, it’s going to be bitter so I suggest that you add a little Stevia to take the bitterness off, of course I have found some people like it just the way it is so you decide.

4 oz PURE cranberry like Knudsens ( I find it at the commissary, Whole Foods, and other health food stores)
28oz cold water
Stevia to sweeten

That’s it pure and simple and so good for you so drink up and tell me what you think.


One comment on “Cranberry Water

  • Awesome! Know and love all the benefits of cranberry but couldn’t bear the thought of drinking the pure stuff. Look forward to trying this. It will also help hide the taste of the water from the fridge at work.

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