FAQ for 21 Day Program

First I hope everyone is going strong remember don’t give up you’ll love the results at the end of the first session, then you just keep moving forward from day four.  I be sure to email me on how you are doing, lots of you have and I’m going to begin to post results this week it’s so awesome seeing such great improvement not only in losing pounds but you’ve lost inches, sizes and just started feeling great.  That is exactly what this program is about, don’t get discouraged if you do your best and follow the plan even if you’ve messed up on a day or two don’t stop just pick up where you left off, something is better then nothing and sometimes it just takes time to get into new eating habits and a new routine.

A few tips to help those that might be just starting or those continuing and wanting a little more guidance.  Remember first read the Starter Guide it will answer some questions.

On the first three days you will be hungry, that’s normal you aren’t eating as much but your body is getting prepared to absorb healthier nutrients better, some might get headaches usually due to a poor diet prior, lots of sugar or caffeine.  It is ok to have coffee during this time but not Starbucks Mocha’s 😦  have coffee with stevia and use coconut milk or almond milk only.  You will get past this it’s a detox and that’s what is happening.  Some might start feeling a lot more energy cause you haven’t been eating this many veggies in a while, so that’s awesome if you feel better.  You will also see a huge drop in weight due to the decreased calories.

Here are some tips based on questions I have been receiving during the past month.
Tip #1  – If you are working out during this time please be sure to have a smoothie before your workout and again after to keep up your energy.  You can also just have a banana but have something before and after.

Tip #2  –  If you do get hungry go ahead and have another smoothie or just graze on veggies only between only.

Tip #3 –  Drink the cranberry water that I have on my blog, it not only takes the boredom out of just water, it also helps in cleansing your system.  Drink at least 32oz and then the rest water.  Remember you should be drinking at least one gallon a day. water and this drink will increase your metabolism, if you drink it cold.

Tip #4 –  Be creative with your salads, just because it says 2 cups veggies and 1 cup of fruit does not mean you can’t get creative it mainly means a big salad, add the fruit to your salad, use whatever you like, add some lemon juice, salt and pepper for dressing or balsamic vinegar.  If you want more salad go ahead have more until you are full.

Tip #5 –  When you get to Day 4 and are eating more protein and adding in snacks, some of you might not be full after the serving suggested, add an additional serving, add another egg to your snack maybe more nuts.  Take a look at your menu for the day and just eat from that even if it’s not in that exact order, if you don’t like cottage cheese take another snack from another day that is similar and eat that instead, like hummus.  Switch out the veggies, this is mainly a suggested meal plan exchange like for like foods and snacks.  I’ve found that it still works great.  If you really aren’t sure contact me and I’ll help you pick something you can eat.

Tip #6 –  Also be sure to buy Chia Seeds they are high in vegetable protein, fiber and omegas, this is great to add to your smoothies especially on the first three days, it will help you stay fuller longer.  Just add a teaspoon to each smoothie serving. I have also been adding Stevia to sweeten them if I needed.

Tip #7 –  For the smoothies, add whatever you like as far as veggies and fruit, use fresh or frozen, I had a question today on whether to use frozen spinach or fresh, I haven’t done the frozen yet but you know I think frozen might work might be smoother so if any one tries it let me know.  You only need to add about a handful of greens, or a 1/2 cup of frozen I think that should be enough for a serving. Remember it can be spinach, kale or any other dark leafy greens.  I’ve been mainly using strawberries, raspberries, pineapple, carrots, spinach or kale, apples, bananas.  If I have the triple berry frozen
fruit from Costco that works great.  Don’t forget to add ice to make it more like a smoothie, but you need to decide the consistency you like.

There you go I hope this helps you get through it and if you have any further questions or comments please post them for everyone to see, you might be wanting to know something others might benefit from as well.  I would also like to see some results on here as well.  I’ll be posting those this week as I get them together.

You guys are awesome and I’m so happy that I can help you feel, better and look better.





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