FREE Bootcamp!!!!

Published July 23, 2013 by gettingherfit

Are you ready to take your fitness to a new level, ready to increase your strength, need more energy?  Its time to rid yourself of that old boring gym routine that is getting you nowhere, with fast paced fun workouts that are never the same your body will begin to shape up, trim down and feel awesome no less time.  Increase your metabolism for up to 36 hours after you leave, cardio alone can’t do that, you need  a combination of both cardio and strength to get you in the best shape of your life.

If you are ready to see a difference, join me this Saturday, July 27th at 1230 for a FREE bootcamp, try it out, what have you got to lose, but some stubborn fat!  

Where you ask? Taboo Dance & Fitness 3817 N. Academy, near Austin Bluff, behind the Shell sfation next to Harmony Bowl.  

Let me know if you csn make it, bring a friend, I will have some Advocare Spark energy drink to rev you up for a great workout.:)

Hit the Reset Button and Don’t Give Up!

Published May 28, 2013 by gettingherfit

It’s been a while and I am sorry to have neglected posting but things have been so busy which I guess is a good thing:) But I want to share something that may be helpful for many of you during busy seasons of your life.  I want you to know I am far from perfect when it comes to eating right all the time, especially when I get busy, I sometimes slip up but I never give up and that’s the key to living a healthy life.  I believe in living by the 80\20 rule, 80 percent of the time I eat healthy and 20 percent I enjoy myself.  Of course there are always exceptions, if you have more then twenty pounds to lose or on a tighter schedule and have to lose weight in a hurry then you need to be more strict of course.  Everyone is different and my job is to help you evaluate what plan is going to work best for you. 

Some things to think about to help you stay focused.   When you are eating good how do you feel? great right, you have energy, you start losing weight, you notice a difference right.  Then when you eat something bad, your body will also let you know that it doesn’t like it by making you feel tired and less energetic, maybe your belly feels more bloated and you get constipated not so good right?

So what do you do when you have had a bad day or due to the holiday maybe a bad weekend?.  One thing I’ve come to learn is to forgive yourself.  It’s okay to have a great time when you are on vacation or at a party,  but learn to discipline yourself, if you are taking food take something you can eat, there are always healthy choices.  And if you have a little too much bad stuff get back on track the next meal or the next day.   Don’t dwell on guilt and think you have totally blown it and just give up  because you didn’t eat well.  Its progress not perfection we seek!!!

There is always a new day and a way to help you get back on track and eating healthy again.  Start the next day out with a yummy green smoothie,
I have recipes on this blig check them out, do a day of green smoothies and salads.  It’s a great way to clean out your system and get rid of any added bloating and water retention.   Remember after a weekend sometimes you will notice an additional weight gain of anywhere from 3-5 pounds, don’t panic its mainly water weight give it a few days of clean eating and it will be gone.

Also be sure you are following healthy habits, drink at least a gallon of water each day, eat 5-6 small meals each day, plan ahead and if you need help with this contact me for ideas how to fit them in, also be sure you are having protein every 3-4 hours to keep your metabolism burning high.  Don’t be afraid of carbs, the good whole grain ones thry are important just have them with protein and you are all good.  Work on following these simpke steps and I promise you will see and feel a difference but its up to you.  What are you willing to do to reach your goals, what are you willing to sacrifice and the bigger question is WHY? What is your reason for doing this?

  Being healthy is a lifestyle that we should all try to continue to reach for all the time and what you need to do is make the choice to JUST DO IT!!  Find what works for you,  its not about giving up everything, you just have to limit them.

Again 80/20 – 80 percent of the time eat healthy and 20 percent of the time enjoy yourself, adjust as necessay and live life to it’s fullest.  Contact me for more information on my bootcamp or meal plans.

Get Fit, Be Strong and Live Healthy!!!

Good Luck!!

Victoria McCullough, CPT
Her Strength Fitness Boot Camp, Colorado Springs

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Ready to Get Back on Track?

Published November 27, 2012 by gettingherfit

Hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving!  So now that it’s over I hope you are ready to tackle and refocus on your eating again and not starting a fad diet.  A fad diet is a short term plan that usually focuses on you eat only certain foods or a certain amount of calories a day and of course people will usually say they lost a lot of weight, but looking at them you wonder “what happened or how is that still working for you?” What happened was that so called “Diet” was unsustainable and just plain not healthy, in reality it caused them to gain all the weight back and probably even more.  Their answer may be “I need to get back on it”, I am sorry to tell you but that is not a good answer because they will do that over and over again.  What people need to do is find a plan that they can sustain, and they can still enjoy foods they like and one where they will see weight loss and be able to maintain it. Even when you have a bad day, and we all do, it should be easier to get back on track.  So stop looking for that quick fix and focus on what really works and that’s healthy eating with a good plan.

Yes there are thousands of these so called diets out there and they are so convincing but you need to STOP looking and start focusing on the foods you are currently eating and get a better handle on it.  STOP eating boxed processed foods, white sugar, white flour and grains, anything that has too many ingredients in it or ingredients you can’t even recognize or pronounce, these are all non-foods, really they are man-made chemically filled products.  Why in the world would you put them in your body or your families?

What you need to eat is plenty of whole foods, lean proteins, lots of veggies, complex carbs and good fats.  If you eat this way it will change your life, and I’m not saying you have to do it 100% of the time because that’s just not realistic right? Even I can’t do that and I’m a personal trainer, let’s face it I love to eat chocolate and cheesecake like anyone else but I do know when to say no.  I focus on an 80/20 plan, I eat healthy 80% of the time and 20% of the time I enjoy myself. Cheat meals are okay once a week, go ahead and enjoy whatever you want, you may not feel so well after, because your body does react to the bad stuff when it is used to the good stuff but at least you will have satisfied your cravings.

So how do we tackle eating a healthy diet and not compromise your weight loss?  Start learning healthy habits, you don’t have to jump in full force, if you can great, some people are like that and can do it but if you have trouble sticking to a plan start slow take it one step at a time.  Start by journaling your current eating for about a week, then look at it and decide where you want to begin.  Are you drinking enough water?  If not start drinking at least a gallon a day, do you drink too many sodas? Cut back.

Here is a good way to begin by breaking it down into 8 Healthy Habits.  Let’s start with the first two and see how you are doing with these, then next week I will be posting the next two.

Healthy Habit #1

Water-  Pure and simple and I mean pure all natural water how more refreshing can that be.  Did you know our bodies are made up of something like 75% water, so why would you deprive it of what it needs so much.  This is what helps your body function, helps get nutrients where they need to go and flushes the toxins from your body.  You’ll feel refreshed more energized and if you drink it cold your body will burn even more calories because it has to warm it up, how COOL is that?

How much you say?  A good start would be at least a gallon of water a day!! Some people require more and also consider the time of the year and the activities you are doing.  Work up to half your body weight in ounces and you are all set.  Go ahead and had some lemon, cucumber or other fruit for a twist.  You will begin feeling better pretty quickly with this one.  Fill up a gallon jug and use a water bottle that at least 20oz and just refill.  Now drink up, you can do this, start in the morning as soon as you get up, drink a full glass of water and then before and after each meal drink another one and then sip on your water bottle throughout the day before you know it that gallon will be gone.

Healthy Habit #2

Begin eating 5-6 meals a day spread out, I don’t mean huge meals either.  If your body is fueled properly and often enough you won’t ever get to that starving feeling where you end up eating whatever you find and probably way too much.  Start early and be sure to begin with high protein and carb meal in the morning to get your metabolism burning high for the rest of the day.

YES it still is the most important meal of the day if you haven’t figured that one out.  Even if you aren’t hungry like so many people I meet, you need to eat something.  A great start would be Advocare’s meal replacements shakes.  They are great tasting and only 240 calories with 24 grams of protein and 24 grams of carbs and 50% of your daily calcium, pour it in, shake it up and drink it and go on your way.  Take it to go if you are busy in the morning like so many of us.  You only mix with water that’s it.

The rest of your meals should also consist of a complex carb and a protein, your carb could also be in the form of a veggie or fruit, so for example your snack can be almond butter and celery, fruit and cottage cheese, then for you meal you can have a big salad with some grilled chicken, light on the dressing.  Veggies can be eaten throughout the day eat as much as you want because they are just plain yummy!!

Eating this way does take some planning and preparation so you have to decide and be honest how committed are you?  It can be done and if you want it bad enough you will do what it takes to make it happen.

Work on these this week and I’ll be back to give you more healthy habits, post how you are doing and if you have any yummy recipes and tips you come up with that make your daily eating easier for you.  Now let’s get healthy!!

Have an awesome week!!

Victoria McCullough



Wet and Wild Wednesday!!

Published September 12, 2012 by gettingherfit

Here is the workout we did today, I’m dedicating it to the fact that it’s raining and we had to cancel class, plus this mornings 5a.m. class was looking pretty hot and sweaty when they completed it:)
The exercises are as follows: Do group #1 then #2 then go back to #1 then #2 then move to #3 and you are all done.


25 Burpees with push up
25 Reverse lunges (each leg)


25 Hip thrusts
25 Dive bombers
25 Russian twists


25 Mountain climbers right leg only
25 Mountain climbers left leg only
25 Crab toe touches
25 Arm/leg extensions (each leg)

Have fun let me know know you do!!!


Don’t Miss This!!!

Published September 10, 2012 by gettingherfit

Ladies if you have been looking to shed those extra pounds that may have crept up on you over the summer or maybe you are just looking to make some extra cash for Christmas or anytime.  If that’s you, you need to be at the Advocare Ladies Alive event coming this October 6th in Denver it’s going to be amazing.  You will learn more about what Advocare can do for you to help you lose weight, maintain your weight and just be healthier.  If you want your family to perform at their best Advocare is for you.

Advocare has been around for almost 20 years and is on the move to be the best nutritional company with the best products on the market, I have never found another company that even comes close to what they have to offer, in product and in business.  But don’t take my work for it, come out and find out for yourself.  You can purchase your tickets at they are only $45, plus you get goodie bags worth so much more and the information you will hear is invaluable when it comes to changing your life and making your dreams come true.
If you would like to attend go to the website and sign up and let me know you are going so I can meet you there or we can go together, the more the merrier, tell everyone you know that is looking for an opportunity like this.  I know I’m ready to make some extra money to help my family are you ready to do it with me.  For more information on Advocare go to or contact me Victoria McCullough 702-419-4778.  I am ready to help you get fit and make your dreams become reality.

Let’s Get Moving!!!

Victoria McCullough

10 Minute At Home Metabolic Workout

Published June 20, 2012 by gettingherfit

So you say you don’t have time to exercise, well if you think it takes an hour to get in a good workout then you might just be right.  I know for myself I often wonder where my day went with four kids and two home businesses how in the world can there be time for exercise.  People often think I exercise a lot to stay in shape because I teach nine classes a week of boot camp, but for those that take my classes really how often do you see me do the entire workout if any at all?

During my classes I am focused on making sure you get a great workout not me, you are paying me to see results and my job is to get them for you.  Of course just coming to class isn’t always enough you still need to get more then three days of exercise, along with eating healthy.  So what do you do on the other four days you don’t come to class?  You do a metabolic resistance workout at home!  Yes and it only takes about 10-12 minutes a day, YES A DAY!

Why does this work so well for your body, because with MRT you raise your metabolic rate for much longer after the workout then with traditional set for reps workouts.  With MRT you will be doing circuit training which many of you know as several exercising in a row, but with MRT instead of the traditional way of doing them with a rest period in between, you will have little if any rest.  You’ll go from let’s say a push up into lunges, then shoulder presses and so.  You’ll start out slow with maybe only four exercises in your ciruit, do each exercise for anywhere from 20-30 second before moving on to the next.  Once you have it down amp it up to a ten circuit workout like we do in class most days.

You will feel it I guarantee and your body will be burning more calories in less time meaning more fat burned while toning up and building lean muscle.  Know that after your workout your metabolic rate will be increase for up to twenty four hours even while at rest, how great is that?  Isn’t that what you want now with this kind of training you should have no excuses.

This is the kind of workout we as busy women and mom’s want to be able to fit into our lives, now you just have to make the decision to do the workout, feel the burn and start seeing those inches drop.  So here is a workout for you to begin with, change it up you can use any exercising.  I traditionally like to pick an upper body, lower body and cardio and use this rotation so that your muscles are getting a slight rest but not for long:)  Enjoy and share your results.

Do these exercises for just 20 seconds each then immediatly move to the next, see how many rounds you can do in 12 minutes.  Remember warm up first with jumping jacks and some stretching before you begin.

1.  Push ups
2. Squats
3. Jump Squats
4. Tricep Dips
5. Lunges Forward Alternating
6. Mountain climber

Enjoy, let me know how you do.

Victoria McCullough

At Home Workout

Published May 15, 2012 by gettingherfit

Well we are well on our way with the 6-Week Challenge as a matter of fact we are into week 3 so great job ladies, I am so proud of you for sticking with it.  Because we are in week three most of you that did the 21 Day Belly Blast should be done, some are a little behind but that’s ok you just got a late start but I know you are seeing great results.  For those that are completed remember just continue with it, you can begin at day four or you can begin from the start, it’s your choice. 

Although the 21 Day Program comes with workouts you can never have enough of a variety to keep you motivated and your muscles working hard.  So here is a great for you can do on the days we don’t meet.  Have fun and I  look forward to seeing those numbers for todays “Tough It Out Tuesday Challenge”  100 Lunges ouch feel those legs burn.

What you’ll need for this workout:  A jump rope

Begin warming up jumping rope for about 3 minutes, stretch and begin

  1. Jump rope for one minute
    Squats for 1 minute
     rest for 30 seconds – Repeat 4x
  2. Jump rope for one minute
    Push ups for 1 minute
    rest for 30 seconds – Repeat 4x
  3. Jump rope for one minute
    Step ups for 1 minute (use any kind of steps you have)
    rest for 30 seconds – Repeat 4x
  4. Jump rope for one minute
    Dips for 1 minute
    rest for 30 seconds – Repeat 4x
  5. Jump rope for one minute
    Crunches for 1 minute
    rest for 30 seconds – Repeat 4x
  6. End with a 1 minute jump rope and you all done.

Have fun and burn fat fast and go one with your day:)

To Your Health,

Victoria McCullough