Weekly Home Workouts

Super Five

Ok so I’ve finally but together the best five exercises I can find that you can do at home or anywhere to help get you results, especially for those days that you don’t make it to boot camp.  I want you to focus on making changes and you will see results, stop looking for the results they will come if you have the right mind set.

So here they are you will need to do each exercise six times for 20 seconds with a 15 second break in between sets, do them  as fast as you can, take a one minute break in between exercises not. Count how many you do and write it down, each time you do them keep a record of how many you are doing you’ll see as you get stronger the reps will increase which will result in RESULTS.  Good Luck.

  1.  Push Up
  2. Squat
  3. Forward Lunge (like reverse lunge but to the front )
  4. Straight leg crunch (like regular crucnhes but with arms above your head and then you reach up and touch your toes
  5. Tricep Dip

You can do all these exercises with no equipment so they can be done anywhere, no excuses just do them.  No have fun and lose those inches.

Note:  don’t forget to do a warm up before and stretch after, very important

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